Thank You For Turning Out For Our Black Friday Series

As we come to the beginning of this new amazing month of December, we remember the unforgettable series of Black Fridays that went down in November. Every Friday for the last four weeks now we availed to you promotional goodies, discounts, and vouchers for men fashion like never seen before. It is still in the same month of November when we also held our third anniversary; an occasion where we availed our customers with more crazy discounts and giveaways. Our customers came out in large numbers and for this, we would like to thank all the loyal SM Kollectionz Customers out there.     

As the CEO of SM Kollectionz, I would like to remind you that my staff and I do not take the love and loyalty you showed us for granted. We especially liked how you shared our content to the wider online audience, tagged along your friends and above all participated in our promotions. Again, as the SM Kollectionz team, we appreciate and thank you because this massive reception wouldn’t have been possible without you.     

As a token of appreciation, we would love to do more for you our loyal customers. Recognizant of the fact that the festive season is already here with us, we have lined up all manner of goodies for you. Indeed, we have everything in place to ensure that it goes down as a big event. It is worth noting that we have stocked up our shop with the latest slim fit jeans for men, slim fit shirts, men shoes and amazing baby clothing just to make your festive season an outstanding one.    

We invite customers from all over the country to visit our shop along with friends or look at our items online and order remotely. Happy Festive Season and thank you to you all for the support this far.




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