It’s Our Birthday! SM Kollectionz 3 Years Anniversary

So, SM Kollectionz’s birthday is around the corner. It has been three years since we started our brand and we now want to celebrate our anniversary in a special way. Instead of you giving us gifts, guess what? We are the ones giving you amazing gifts.

We want to appreciate and thank you for being with us through these three years of existence. We have kept you fashionable and in return, you have made us grow in leaps and bounds. We truly value you our esteemed customer.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate our anniversary from 19th-24th of November. There will be discounts on prices as well as give away items, absolutely free! We have an array of items to choose from such as; slim fit jeans for men, men rubber shoes, slim fit shirts, khaki pants for men and other fantastic items.

Set the date with us and be sure to come and help us celebrate achieving a milestone and our birthday. Welcome, all.

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