How are you battling the cold season? Adding an extra blanket or two maybe? At SM Kollectionz we have a better way of helping you fight the cold. This is why for the very first time, on 24th June 2019, we introduced the sale of warm cotton duvets at our Nairobi branch.

We believe these duvets will help our customers get adequate and quality sleep considering they are very warm. Sleep is important to our health as it helps in the healing and repair of the body after a long day.

The best duvets are made and filled with synthetic or natural materials. Natural materials are better at trapping heat and keeping you warm all night. Our duvets have the following features:

  • Made of natural cotton and filled with wool inside.
  • Long lasting since they are bound on the edges.
  • Come in all manner of attractive colors and interesting patterns.

While duvets in Nairobi can be expensive, we offer ours at an unbeatable retail price. At only of 2499 Ksh, you can get a complete set comprising of:

  • One duvet.
  • One bed sheet.
  • Two pillowcases.

No matter where you are in the country, make your order today and take advantage of our same day delivery at a small fee. Hurry while stocks last!!