As much as we stock the best quality fashionable items, good care is important for one to have a long term affair with his outfits. Below are some essential tips for taking care of different types of outfits from our shelves.

When worn with the right combination of attire, Khakis can really look stylish. They are mostly made out of cotton or a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex. Due to the fact that they are light coloured fabrics which show stains more, you may be required to wash them more often than other garments.

Here are some handy tips for washing and caring for Khakis.

  1. Remove stains from khakis as fast as possible. Make sure to spray with a commercial stain remover and soak in water for 15 minutes.
  2. Wash your khakis after every two or three wears.
  3. You can either use machine or hand washing for khakis. Hand washing is recommended since it helps to zero in on the stained area.
  4. Hand wash gently and rinse the khaki with clean warm water.
  5. Drying khakis can either be done by either laying them on an air drying rack, hanging on a drying line or using a machine drier.
  6. If using a machine drier make sure to set the temperature between 15-20 degrees so as to minimize wrinkling.
  7. Ensure that you set your iron to cotton setting when ironing Khakis. For a good press ensure that the water level is set to high in order to produce a decent amount of steam.
  1. It is important to first check the instructions on the label before attempting to clean your linen shirt to avoid missing special instructions.
  2. Regular washing is good for linen garments as it makes it softer, beautiful and more water absorbent.
  3. Linen can either be machine washed, hand washed or dry cleaned. This will depend on the special instructions on the label.
  4. Machine washing should be done on the short or delicate cycle with a cold water wash and rinse.
  5. When washing linen make sure to separate whites and colors because new linen dyes tend to bleed in the wash.
  6. Avoid harsh detergents when washing linen fabric. Always go with mild detergent specially formulated for delicate fabrics.
  7. Hand washing in cold water will extend the life of your linen shirt. Remember to use a mild detergent and agitate gently before rinsing the water till it is soap free.
  8. Ensure to use plenty of water during washing and rinsing to avoid creasing.
  9. It is recommended that you air dry linen clothes as opposed to using a machine drier.
  10. Try to dry linen while flat as opposed to hanging on a line to avoid appearance of marks and deformation of the garment.
  11. Set the iron to linen setting or iron while still damp. The heat from the hot iron will remove wrinkles and dry the fabric more effectively.

Jeans are probably the most worn outfit in many people’s wardrobe. This is one of the main reasons why people should be aware of how to wash, dry and handle jeans. Indeed taking good care of them is sure to make them look and feel amazing as well as last longer. Below are some tried and tested care tips for your jeans:


  1. Jeans are a hardy fabric and should not be washed so often. Experts recommend that you wash your jeans after about every five to ten wears to avoid overdoing it.
  2. For small stains, it is recommended that you wipe them off with an old toothbrush or damp cloth with mild soap.
  3. You can either machine or hand wash jeans with cold water. Using cold water is the best way to preserve color and minimize fading.
  4. Hand wash your jeans using a gentle detergent. Avoid wringing and twisting the jeans while still wet to allow them to maintain their shape.
  5. Turn your jeans inside out while machine washing or hand washing to prevent excessive color loss and fading
  6. Always use mild soaps and detergents formulated for cold water when washing jeans to help in maintaining color.
  7. Always hang your jeans outside or lay them on a drying rack to dry. Avoid putting them in a dryer as this might cause shrinking.
  8. It is not recommended to iron jeans. To avoid wrinkles use fabric softener during washing but if you really need to, iron on low heat.

Denim shirts offer a modern way to step out of your formal look. With different styles, fits and colors available, your outfit possibilities are endless. The good thing is denim doesn’t need to be washed constantly and can last for about two weeks before needing any laundering. Here are some foolproof tips to keeping your denim shirt looking clean and shiny.


  1. Avoid constantly washing your denim shirt if you have not sweated profusely or soiled it. Small stains should be dabbed away using a small cloth and super-mild detergent.
  2. To freshen up your denim shirt, throw it into a freezer to neutralize any odour. You can also use a steamer to kill any odour causing bacteria.
  3. When washing, turn your shirt inside out to prevent the dye from bleeding out of the material.
  4. You should avoid washing denim with clothes of a different color. Alternatively wash the denim shirt alone or with other clothes of the same color.
  5. It is best to hand wash your denim shirt using cold water and the mildest detergent or soap you can find; however you could also machine wash using a cold setting.
  6. During washing and rinsing avoid scrubbing or wringing the fabric to avoid disturbing the natural color and fibers.
  7. Denim shirts may get too stiff after hanging, It is advisable to add in a fabric softener during washing to soften it.
  8. Denim shirts should always be air dried outside preferably in the sun but never machine dried.
  9. It is not advisable to iron out denim shirts but when absolutely necessary, use iron on the low heat setting.

Official pants are a necessity when it comes to work or special occasions. They can be made from cotton, wool, polyester, silk or some other material. Because of this it is extremely necessary to know how to take care of official pants in order to avoid damaging them. Here are some favorite care tips to keep your pants looking good and last longer.

  1. Before proceeding to wash official pants, it is important to always check and read the instructions.
  2. As a rule of thumb, durable polyester, wool and cotton pants are okay to machine wash. Silk, delicate cotton and wool pants should be hand washed.
  3. Before washing official pants always test the fabric by running a cotton swab over it. If the dye rubs off on the cotton swab, you need to take the pants to professional cleaners.
  4. During washing, turn the pants inside out so as to protect the buttons and also minimize fading.
  5. If using a machine wash, set to the gentlest cycle, use mild detergent and wash with cold water.
  6. If hand washing official pants, use mild detergent or soap as well as cold water. Scrub gently using your fingers to avoid damaging the fabric.
  7. Do not dry official pants using a drier; instead squeeze excess water by rolling them up in a clean dry towel.
  8. Official pants should be laid out to dry on a flat clean surface while also ensuring that nothing is laid on top of them.
  9. Ensure that they are completely dry before picking them up for ironing or storage.
  10. During ironing it is essential to consider the fabric material since different materials have varying heat requirements.
  11. Turn the pants inside out so as to iron the pockets before turning them  back out to iron the rest of the parts.

Cardigans are classic representations of personal styles and actually never go out of fashion. They can match perfectly with your denim shirts, jeans or even official pants. It is therefore crucial to learn about the best way to take care and wash cardigans.


  1. Wash your cardigan after about four wears unless you spill something on it.
  2. To remove dirt such as hair, dandruff, and lint that accumulates every time you take it off, run a soft brush over it.
  3. Before washing ensure you turn it inside out so as not to damage the delicate fabric.
  4. Most cardigans need to be hand washed. In case it is a woolen or cotton cardigan, always use special wool or cotton detergent or a gentle soap.
  5. When washing cardigans together with other clothes, make sure that your laundry is of similar colors. This is to avoid the garment from acquiring a new color.
  6. Cardigans especially cotton ones need to be washed in cold water to avoid shrinking.
  7. After washing your cardigan avoid wringing it as this could lead to loss of its initial shape.
  8. It is preferable that you air dry your cardigans in the backyard or basement where there is adequate air for as long as it needs to dry completely.
  9. Cardigans should not be ironed directly as this could lead to a burn on; rather you should place a towel between the iron and garment so as to get the wrinkles out.

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