Black Friday is just around the corner and nearly with us again and SM Kollectionz plans to have some of the best Black Friday deals and the hottest price discounts sure to rival those from last year and make it the most memorable one ever. Indeed, Black Friday is a time to visit our store or go online for some epic deals on your favorite designer brands just in time for Christmas. It is important to note that the SM Kollectionz Black Friday sale will be run from 2nd to 30th November 2018.

Our 2018 Black Friday will feature a load of amazing goodies that range from unbelievable price discounts, shipping vouchers, freebies for all men in Nairobi and across Kenya. On this day, you will get a chance to take advantage of our unbelievable offers on:

  • Cargo pants,
  • Slim fit khaki pants,
  • Slim fit jeans for men,
  • Slim fit shirts for men,
  • Men shoes,
  • Kids fashion among others.

Getting to buy items at this time is extremely beneficial especially because during the festive season prices tend to shoot with people cramming into department stores. The SM Kollectionz Black Friday sale 2018 is set to the best, so mark your calendar and keep an eye on our social media channels so that you don’t miss out on all the best offers.


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